Social Media

While some think this is everything now … Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp … or whatever comes up next as the latest hot shit! We do know … media channels do not go away, there will be just channels added. The death of print, the death of radio, the death of TV, the death of Facebook, the death of … none of these deaths have happened, they were/ are all just put in their new places. 

And so for us and for you is to find out, to determine which tool is the right for the job. As all the media outlets, the communal places for getting together, online or offline have all their strengths and their weaknesses. That’s why you should choose your channels wisely. And let us help!

Currently we help Kemper Amps, BluGuitar, Celemony Software and project based a couple of others with their social media efforts.