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             42Next   -    {say: for to next}
                             - > the classic programming method for controlled, evolving loops
                             - > 42, the answer to everything
                             - > one effort’s result is always just another efforts foundation
                             - > we’ll never stop 

... all our flavors are guaranteed to satisfy!

David Lee Roth, Los Angeles, 1978

What we do

Communications - the new black!

PR, Marketing, Advertising, CRM, Branding, Social Media, Clienting - the likes. Buzzwords, very much talked about. For us it is simple: It’s all just Communications. If you have something to say, say it! To the world, your customers, the press, your partners, your competitors. 

If you are not sure about how to say it, talk to us. If you are not sure about how to reach your audience, talk to us. Check our services on the following pages.
If you prefer to skip the prose and get right to it: send us an email!

4D Communications
does the trick! ;-)

Spread the word! And lead in your markets!

There has always been the battle between PR and Marketing, regarding what’s more effective and where the budgets should go. To us, there is only communication, spreading the word. If this is done by purchasing space on a humungous video wall on Times Square or by sending a press release to your valued editorial contacts at your most important and relevant media outlest, regardless if it is social media or the high tower editorial offices at NYT, The Guardian, Vogue, GQ or the most nerdist tech blog.
The difference makes a proper startegy, the knowledge about the shifts and drifts a good stroy can and must take to be effective and last but not least good content in a relevant and appropriate, believable format. Regarding the vectors pointing into the 4 dimensional communications model … this is better sicussed in person :-)

And as mentioned on the main page here already, if you want to know more about the strategies and proceedings, just get in touch and talk to us: